26 Aug

There are no restrictions for riding bicycles as even people as young as toddlers can also learn how to ride. It is a good sports or even survival skills that toddlers can learn on to familiarise themselves with the usability and train on their basic motor skills in life.

Kids usually start riding bicycles from the toddler ages of between 3 and 6. It is always advisable that the kid should get a toddler bicycle to learn and train with the basics. More preferably, the bicycles must come with 2 extra wheels.

There are various factors of development that will influence the way the toddlers are ready to learn or can ride the bicycles on their own. Common important factors that can help are mental and physical development, coordination and parental instruction and influence to get the toddlers interested in bicycle riding.

When it comes to the physical and mental development of the toddlers, the parents need to teach them how to use the pedal and bicycle brake, and how the toddler is able to respond to directions, especially left or right. But it is better that toddlers ride bicycles forward ahead first.

Riding bicycles need some coordination techniques to balance. For a start, it will be best for toddlers to ride bicycles with 2 extra wheels attached below to help them train up their motor skills with the bicycles. Gradually, they will learn how to steer and pedal to balance the bicycles while riding.

Parents must show their toddler kids about how interested they are in riding bicycles themselves. It would even be better if the toddlers have older siblings who are able to influence them on their interests in bicycle riding. If the toddlers get scared easily when it comes to bicycle riding, then they may not be ready for the sport.

Some tips to help your toddler kid ride bicycles confidently would be to select an appropriate bicycle size for their kids. Do ensure that they can stand over the top seat tube with both feet on the floor. You must also learn how to adjust the training wheels gradually. But what is more important in this aspect is about safety handling when guiding. Bicycle riding for toddlers needs to ensure that safety guidelines are being observed as they are too young to understand what is ahead of them or to understand the imminent dangers that may be posed to them.

Besides guiding the toddlers on riding bicycles side by side, the parents should try to get other safety accessories such as helmets that can fit on their heads well. In case of emergency, such as they trip over accidentally, they would be well protected.

In Singapore, you can easily get a bicycle for a toddler from the kids bicycle shop. It is within reach of the nearest MRT or bus stop and is usually near open crowded areas. Do get the bicycle accessories for safety handling purposes so as to ensure safety during their riding always.

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